Maritime Air Charter Limited Aircraft
Pilot Links

Regulation and Guidance Material
AIM - Aeronautical Information Manual
AOHS - Aviation Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
CLC - Canada Labour Code
CARs - Canadian Aviation Regulations and Standards
CASRs - Canadian Aviation Security Regulations
CBAACs - Commercial Business Aviation Advisory Circulars
CBAPLs - Commercial and Business Aviation Policy Letters
TDGR - Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations

Flight Planning Resources
AWWS - Nav Canada Aviation Weather Web Site
Canadian Lightning Danger Map - Atlantic
Environment Canada Public Forecast - Halifax
French Approach Plates (St Pierre) - Service de l'Information Aeronautique
Great Circle Mapper
HOT - Holdover Time Guidelines
U.S. Approach Plates and Charts
U.S. Aviation Weather Center (NOAA National Weather Service)
U.S. NOTAMs (FAA) (unofficial)
U.S. TFRs (FAA) (unofficial)

CBSA - Canada Border Services Agency
eAPIS - U.S. CBP Advanced Passenger Information System

Other References
ASL - Aviation Safety Letter
CADORs - Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Report System
WSDRS - Transport Canada Web Service Difficulty Reporting System